Monday 18 June 2012

How do I thank thee, let me count the ways...

So the edits are done - wow was that a slog! - and the manuscript is off to be type-set ready to be turned into a book.  A book! In case you can't tell, I'm very excited!

Next part of the process?  All the thank-yous!  I thought this would be the nice, easy part of the process.  How hard can it be to come up with a list of people who've helped an idea become a book?  Answer: not hard at all.  How hard is it to write thank-yous to all those people?  Mega! I sat, laptop on my knees, fingers on keys, all good to go.  What came into my head.  Hee-haw, to get all Sottish on you.  

There are two things I'm pretty rubbish at: goodbyes and thank-yous.  I thought it'd be easier, what with it being all written down and not face to face, but no.  I still suck.  Oh well, I shall just have to hope that everyone who reads them and sees their name down there as someone I couldn't have written the book without can see around my bumbling and mumbling and get down to the core of what I'm really trying to say.

Ta.  Muchos gracias.  Thanking you. I am indebted... In other words:


Claire x

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