Sunday 6 May 2012

"Epic" kissing

I got a very exciting e-mail on Thursday... my "edits" from my editor at Templar for Ferryman!  We're on quite a tight schedule so I've only got 2 weeks (eek!) to do a bit of a revamp and get it all ship-shape.  So I almost had a heart attack when I opened her attachment and saw that there were TWELVE PAGES of notes!

A glass of wine and a big bar of chocolate later, though, and I calmed down a bit.  And, when I read all her comments over, it's hard to think anything other than: she's right!  So I'm being a good girl and getting stuck in.

Today's job: ramping up the epic kiss.  It's got to be "worth dying for" apparently.  I need inspiration.  Tried the mood music, but it's just not happening, so I think there's nothing for it but to go out and see if I can find some gorgeous, hunky bloke to illustrate to me what an "epic kiss" is meant to be like.

I guess I should probably start with my husband... (sigh) ;)

Claire x

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