Thursday 21 February 2013

Books! My books are here!

So... I got a fantastic little present in the post yesterday:  free copies of Ferryman!  The release date is now less than two weeks away (eek!) and I’m starting to get uber excited.  Oh yet, that... and terrified! 
I’ve been very busy recently doing lots of exciting (and yes, slightly scary!) author things.  Just the other weekend I swooped down to London (well, the pilot did, I just held onto the arm rests and tried not to look nervous) for a bloggers even with Templar and Hot Key books.  It was fab – got to meet loads of very cool bloggers (who have my deepest respect... it is TOUGH to blog!) and some lovely authors.  Best bit – aside from yummy lunch ;) – was that I got to sign some books which was WAY COOL!  I probably should have been a bit more chilled and pretended that I did cool author-stuff like that all the time, but hey – I’m not cool and everyone who’s met me for more than five minutes knows it... so instead I was just me: goofy and probably far too excited.  Oh well, maybe I can develop cool.  And grace.  And elegance. 
Hmm.  Maybe not. 
Anyway – next on the agenda = a fun day with the Scottish Books Trust in two schools at Edinburgh.  Watch this pace for more details.

To finish... a picture of my fabby, fabby ultra lovely books.  SHINY!

Claire x

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