Sunday 3 March 2013

Three, two, one... LIFT OFF!

Well, that’s it.  Ferryman is out there.  Available to buy, be read and then... reviewed.


I have become an internet junkie (even more than before) and have discovered some cool new tricky things to do on Google search.  And I’ve Googled myself WAY more than is healthy. 

I can’t help it.  I’m addicted.

It’s like:  I spent months and months writing Ferryman, then an AGE getting an agent and a published.  Then hours and hours (and hours) editing it; then MONTHS waiting for it to come out.  It’s all come down to this, and there’s one, terrifying question to be asked.

Will anybody like it?

So I just can’t stop review hunting.  I check Goodreads like five times a day.  Did you know you can Google yourself then just ask for results in the last 24 hrs... the last hour?  You can.  I do it.  EVERY DAY.  Obsessed.

But what’s totally AWESOME is how positive all the reviews I’ve had so far have been.  It’s like a shot of happy juice right into my veins every time I read something nice and complimentary.  Awesome awesome awesome (that’s one of my favourite words by the way) happy juice J

No wonder I’m addicted!

Claire x

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